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    Environmental Activities
    Environmental Activities
    Certification of Green Devices and Super Green Devices
    Super Green Device Examples
      5-M pixel CCD Camera Module
      DBS Front-end Unit
      IR Detecting Unit for Remote Control
      CCD Camera Module Power-supply ICs
    Green Device Examples
      LSIs, Camera Modules
      LCD Modules
      Optoelectronics, Power Devices
      RF Components, Unit Parts
    Social & Environmental Activities
    Since fiscal 2004, when the medium-term corporate objective of becoming an environmentally advanced company was first set, Sharp has been promoting the Super Green Strategy to achieve its corporate vision of having “Sharp's Energy-Creating and Energy-Saving Products Equalize Sharp's Greenhouse Gas Emissions” and to establish sustainable manufacturing systems. In fiscal 2006, Sharp exceeded its sales ratio targets for both Green Devices and Super Green Devices (target: account for 65% of net sales, achieved 73%).
    In addition, all production sites in Japan have been upgraded to Green Factory status or higher. In this way, Sharp is making steady progress towards becoming an environmentally advanced company.
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