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    About SHARP Technology
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    Dual Directional Viewing LCD
    Switchable Viewing-angle LCDs

    By splitting the light into left and right components, the Sharp Dual Directional Viewing LCD can display different content on the same screen. This amazing innovation brings the fusion of AV and IT one step closer, allowing content such as TV programs and Internet sites to be displayed simultaneously. Such new technology has a wide range of applications, from TVs through to notebook PCs, car navigation displays and other products that use LCD panels. It realizes the perfect display to meet the burgeoning demand for more information and content as well as for greater flexibility and versatility in information display options.

    Beautiful Simultaneous Display Allows One Panel to Show Two Different Screens

    The Sharp Dual Directional Viewing LCD panel displays different information depending on whether it is viewed from the left or from the right. The panel simultaneously displays two crystal-clear, high-quality images with no intermingling. Moreover, by displaying the same image on both sides, it can also function as a normal display, allowing everyone to view the same image.

    Dual Directional Viewing LCDs
    How the Sharp Dual Directional Viewing LCD Works
    —This technology evolved from Sharp's 3D LCD panels and is the result of advances in optical design technology and process technology.—

    A parallax barrier is used to divide light from the backlight into left and right components.

    Advanced optical design technology and process technology prevents intermingling of the left and right light components.

    How the SHARP Dual Directional Viewing LCD works
    Sharp Triple Directional Viewing LCD (Under development)

    Sharp Triple Directional Viewing LCD takes this controlled viewing-angle technology a step further. Using a proprietary parallax barrier on a standard TFT LCD, the screen splits light in three directions—left, right, and center—displays three separate images on the same screen at the same time. Sharp is meeting consumer needs by expanding its lineup and developing new and convenient uses for controlled viewing-angle LCDs.

    Sharp Triple Directional Viewing LCD
    Switchable Viewing-angle LCDs
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